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CACCINI, Guilio (1545-1625)
CAIMO, Giuseppe (1545c-1584)
       Mentre il cuculoSATB+RehItalian5612.00
       Mentre il cuculoSATBItalian5612.00
       Piangete valliSATB+RehItalian6312.50
       Piangete valliSATBItalian6312.50
CALDARA, Antonio (1670-1736)
       Crucifixus a 16 (16pp)4S+4A+4T+4B+OrganLatin5819.50
       Crucifixus a 16 (5pp)4S+OrganLatin586.00
       Crucifixus a 16 (5pp)4A+OrganLatin586.00
       Crucifixus a 16 (5pp)4T+OrganLatin586.00
       Crucifixus a 16 (5pp)4B+OrganLatin586.00
       Missa Dolorosa
               I. KyrieSATB+Strings+OrganLatin1489.50
               II. GloriaSATB+Strings+OrganLatin24412.50
               III. CredoSATB+Strings+OrganLatin1149.00
               IV. SanctusSATB+Strings+OrganLatin205.50
               V. BenedictusSATB+Strings+OrganLatin255.50
               VI. Agnus DeiSATB+Strings+OrganLatin9713.50
               Instruments6 instruments64821.50
               I. KyrieSATB+OrganLatin1489.50
               II. GloriaSATB+OrganLatin24412.50
               III. CredoSATB+OrganLatin1149.00
               IV. SanctusSATB+OrganLatin205.50
               V. BenedictusSATB+OrganLatin255.50
               VI. Agnus DeiSATB+OrganLatin9713.50
       Missa in F
               I. KyrieSATB+RehLatin284.00
               I. KyrieSATBLatin284.00
               II. GloriaSATB+RehLatin796.00
               II. GloriaSATBLatin796.00
               III. CredoSATB+RehLatin1257.50
               III. CredoSATBLatin1257.50
               IV. SanctusSATB+RehLatin213.00
               IV. SanctusSATBLatin213.00
               V. BenedictusSATB+RehLatin213.00
               V. BenedictusSATBLatin213.00
               VI. Agnus DeiSATB+RehLatin836.00
               VI. Agnus DeiSATBLatin836.00
               1.Caro mea vere est cibusSS+OrganLatin10915.50
               2. Ego sum panis vivusSA+OrganLatin6812.50
               3. Benedictus Deus AA+OrganLatin10513.50
               4. Transeunte DominoAT+OrganLatin9913.50
               5. Transfige, dulcissime Jesu AB+OrganLatin8313.00
               6. Miserere mei, DomineSAB+OrganLatin10313.50
               7. Laboravi in gemitu meoATB+OrganLatin5212.00
               8. O sacrum conviviumSSB+OrganLatin8713.00
       Stabat Mater SATB+OrganLatin37021.50
       Stabat Mater SATB+Orchestra (Full)Latin37021.50
               Stabat Mater (Instrumental)7 parts37025.50
       Te Deum SATB+SATB+OrganLatin19919.00
       Te DeumSATB+SATB+OrchestraLatin19924.50
               Instrumental parts13 parts19932.00
CALEGARI, Francesco Antonio (1656-1742)
       Tantum ergoSATB+RehLatin5212.00
       Tantum ergoSATBLatin5212.00
CALLCOTT, John (1776-1821)
       To all you ladies now on land TBarB+RehEnglish909.50
       To all you ladies now on land TBarBEnglish909.50
CALVISIUS, Sethus (1556-1615)
       Joseph, lieberSSATTB+RehGerman+Latin7513.00
       Joseph, lieberSSATTBGerman+Latin7513.00
CAMBIO, (see Perissone) (1545-1625)
CAMPIAN, Thomas (1567-1620)
       Never weather beaten sailSATBEnglish369.50
       Never weather beaten sailSATB+RehEnglish369.50
       As by the streams of Babylon (available on request)SATBEnglish
CAMPRA, André (1660-1744)
       Messe des Morts
               I. Introit (Vocal)TTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin18515.50
               I. Introit (Full)Full Score18515.50
               I. Introit (Instrumental)5 parts 18519.50
               II. Kyrie (Vocal)STB+SATBarB+OrganLatin10412.00
               II. Kyrie (Full)Full Score10413.00
               II. Kyrie (Instrumental)7 parts 10421.00
               III. Graduel (Vocal)SSTTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin13112.50
               III. Graduel (Full)Full Score13116.00
               III. Graduel (Instrumental)11 parts 13129.00
               IV. Offertoire (Vocal)SSTTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin30216.50
               IV. Offertoire (Full)Full Score30219.50
               IV. Offertoire (Instrumental)12 parts 30232.00
               V. Sanctus (Vocal)SSTTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin8610.00
               V. Sanctus (Full)Full Score8612.50
               V. Sanctus (Instrumental)12 parts 8632.00
               VI. Agnus Dei (Vocal)SSTTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin7210.00
               VI. Agnus Dei (Full)Full Score7210.00
               VI. Agnus Dei (Instrumental)10 parts 7227.00
               VII. Post-Communion (Vocal)SSTTB+SATBarB+OrganLatin28816.00
               VII. Post-Communion (Full)Full Score28817.00
               VII. Post-Communion (Instrumental)9 parts 28828.50
CANIS, Cornelius (c1510-1561)
       Il me suffit de tous mes maulx SAATTBFrench6112.50
CANNICIARI, Pompeo (1670-1744)
       Credo, quod redemptorSATB+RehLatin6512.50
       Credo, quod redemptorSATBLatin6512.50
               1 - 3 (Anon, Boyce, Sweelinck)Up to four partsVarious7413.00
               4 - 6 (Smith, Byrd, Caldara)Up to four partsVarious8713.00
               7 - 9 (Caldara, Mozart, Purcell)Up to four partsVarious8813.00
               10 - 12 (Caldara, Purcell, Pepusch)Up to four partsVarious11213.50
               13 - 15 (Purcell, Anon, Purcell)Up to four partsVarious8013.00
               16 - 18 (Haydn, Mornington, Anon)Up to four partsVarious9013.00
               Mozart -- V'amo di core (available on request)12 parts 3 choirs
CARISSIMI, Giacomo (1605-1674)
       Plorate colles, dolete montes (from Jephthah)S+SSSATB+OrganLatin14616.50
CARLTON, Richard (1558c-1638c)
       Calm was the air (TO)SSATB+RehEnglish8913.00
       Calm was the air (TO)SSATBEnglish8913.00
CARMALT, Lindy (1970-)
       For you shall go out with joyTwo voices (children)English384.00
       Love DivineTwo voices (children)English4910.00
       O little town of BethlehemTwo voices (children)English4910.00
       Christmas Carowle 1 (see Byrd)English
       Christmas Carowle 2 (see Byrd)English
       Coventry CarolSATB+RehEnglish
       The First Noel (Rigby/Pachelbel) see Rigby
       Angelus ad Pastores (see Lasso, Praetorius, Scheidt)
       As I lay upon a night (Dunstable?)SATB+RehEnglish389.50
       As I lay upon a night (Dunstable?)SATBEnglish389.50
       Be merry, I pray you (Dunstable?) SATB+RehEnglish329.00
       Be merry, I pray you (Dunstable?) SATBEnglish329.00
       Carol for Christmas (see Stanford)
       Christmas Canticle (see Bortnyansky)
       Christmas Concerto (see Schütz)
       Coventry CarolSATB+RehEnglish7610.00
       Coventry CarolSATBEnglish7610.00
       Emanuel (see Praetorius)
       Emanuel (Dunstable?)SATB+RehEnglish226.50
       Emanuel (Dunstable?)SATBEnglish226.50
       Gloria in excelsis Deo (see Weelkes)
       Hail Mary (Dunstable?)ATTB+RehEnglish319.00
       Hail Mary (Dunstable?)ATTBEnglish319.00
       Hodie Christus natus est (see Sweelinck, Schütz, G. Gabrieli, Le Sayve, Palestrina, Bassano)
       Hosanna Filio David (see Casali and Victoria)
       Hosanna to the Son of David (see Gibbons and Weelkes)
       Hosianna dem Sohne David (see Praetorius)
       Hungarian CarolSATB+RehEnglish
       Hungarian CarolSATBEnglish
       In dulci jubilo (see Pearsall and Praetorius)
       In natali Domini (see Praetorius)
       Lute Book lullaby (see also Wilde and Nourse)
       Magnificat super Angelus ad Pastores (see Praetorius)
       Noe, noe (see Mouton)
       Nowel now sing we all (Dunstable?)SATB+RehEnglish319.00
       Nowel now sing we all (Dunstable?)SATBEnglish319.00
       Now may we singen (Dunstable?)ATTB+RehEnglish409.50
       Now may we singen (Dunstable?)ATTBEnglish409.50
       Now may we make merry and some (Dunstable?)ATTB+RehEnglish5612.00
       Now may we make merry and some(Dunstable?)ATTBEnglish5612.00
       O beatum (see Philips)
       O'er Bethlehem the star is shiningSATB+RehEnglish409.50
       O'er Bethlehem the star is shiningSATBEnglish409.50
       Omnes de Saba venient (see Lasso)
       Polish carol (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Puer natus in Bethlehem (see Praetorius, Scheidt)
       Quem vidistes pastores? (see Lasso)
       Resonet in laudibus (see Praetorius and Lasso)
       Rorate celi desuper (see Irish)
       There is no rose of such virtue (Dunstable?)ATTB+RehEnglish278.50
       There is no rose of such virtue (Dunstable?)ATTBEnglish278.50
       This day Christ was born (see Byrd)SSATBEnglish
       Wachet auf (see Bach and Praetorius)
       Welcome, Yule! (see Parry)
       What tidings bringest thou (Dunstable?)ATTB+RehEnglish4510.00
       What tidings bringest thou (Dunstable?)ATTBEnglish4510.00
       When Christ was born of Mary free (see Parry)
       Wie schön leuchtet (see Praetorius)
CASALI, Giovanni Battista (1715c-1792)
       Ave MariaSATBLatin7013.00
       Hosanna Filio DavidSATB+RehLatin319.00
       Hosanna Filio DavidSATBLatin319.00
       Improperium expectavitSATB+RehLatin5812.00
       Improperium expectavitSATBLatin5812.00
CASCIOLINI, Claudio (1687-1760)
       Istorum estSATBLatin206.50
       Libera meSATB+RehLatin8213.00
       Libera meSATBLatin8213.00
       Panis angelicus (available on request)SATBLatin
       Sacris solemnisSATB+RehLatin186.50
       Sacris solemnisSATBLatin186.50
CASTRO, Jean de (1576c-?)
       Ah! je meursSATB+RehFrench319.00
       Ah! je meursSATBFrench319.00
       Margot labourez les vignesSSA+RehFrench5112.00
       Margot labourez les vignesSSAFrench5112.00
CAURROY, Eustache du (1549-1609)
       Las! Amour (available on request)SATBFrench
       Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (available on request)SATBEnglish
CAVALLI, Pietro Francesco (1602-1676)
       Magnificat à 8Soli+SATB+SATB Latin57327.00
       Magnificat à 8Full Score57319.50
       Magnificat à 6 SSATTBLatin31617.50
       Magnificat à 6Full Score31610.00
               Instrumental3 parts31617.00
               Vocal parts for instrumental Doubling6 parts31621.50
       Missa Concertata (1656)
               Organ part -- complete workOrgan>1K19.50
               I. KyrieSATB+SATB+SATBLatin19215.50
               I. KyrieSATB+SATB+SATB+OrgLatin19215.50
               II. GloriaSATB+SATB+SATBLatin51320.00
               II. GloriaSATB+SATB+SATB+OrgLatin51320.00
               III. CredoSATB+SATB+SATBLatin52717.50
               III. CredoSATB+SATB+SATB+OrgLatin52717.50
               IV. SanctusSATB+SATB+SATBLatin10712.00
               IV. SanctusSATB+SATB+SATB+OrgLatin10712.00
               V. Agnus DeiSATB+SATB+SATBLatin6810.00
               V. Agnus DeiSATB+SATB+SATB+OrgLatin6810.00
               Vocal parts for Instrumental Doubling8 parts140727.00
       Salve ReginaATTB+BcLatin9013.00
CAVENDISH, Michael (1565c-1628)
       Come gentle swains SSATB+RehEnglish6212.50
       Come gentle swains SSATBEnglish6212.50
       Fair are those eyes (available on request)SATBEnglish
CEREROLS, Joan (1620c-1676)
       Señor mio Jesu CristoSATB+OrganSpanish9613.50
CERTON, Pierre (1520c-1572)
       J'espere et crains (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Vivre ne puis content SATB+RehFrench6212.50
       Vivre ne puis contentSATBFrench6212.50
       Fortune alors (available on request)SATBFrench
CHARPENTIER, Marc-Antoine (1634c-1704)
       Beatus vir -- see Psalm 111
       Filius prodigus (The Prodigal Son)
               Part I. The prodigal son repentsAT+SATB+strings+BCEnglish17217.00
               Part II. The prodigal son returns SAB+SATB+strings+BCEnglish14016.00
               Part III. The father celebrates AB+SATB+strings+BCEnglish12015.50
               Part IV. The elder brother arrivesATB+SATB+strings+BCEnglish18919.00
               Instruments Strings+BC38.00
               Part I. The prodigal son repentsAT+SATB+strings+BCLatin17217.00
               Part II. The prodigal son returns SAB+SATB+strings+BCLatin14016.00
               Part III. The father celebrates AB+SATB+strings+BCLatin12015.50
               Part IV. The elder brother arrives ATB+SATB+strings+BCLatin18919.00
       Messe de minuit pour Noël (with Organ)
               I. KyrieATB+SATB+OrganLatin1268.00
               II. GloriaATB+SATB+OrganLatin1648.50
               III. CredoSSATB+SATB+OrganLatin29610.50
               IV. InterludeOrgan846.50
               V. SanctusSATB+OrganLatin836.50
               VI. Agnus DeiATB+SATB+OrganLatin906.50
       Messe de minuit pour Noël (with Orchestra)
               I. KyrieFull score1268.00
               II. GloriaFull score1648.50
               III. CredoFull score29610.50
               IV. InterludeFull score846.50
               V. SanctusFull score836.50
               VI. Agnus DeiFull score906.50
               Instrumental parts7 parts84333.00
       Psalm 111 (Beatus vir)SATB+Organ/Pia53923.50
       Psalm 111 (Beatus vir)SATB+Orch53923.50
               Instruments9 parts53923.50
       Te Deum (H146) (with orchestra)
               II. Après la prelude—1.Te DeumB+SATB+RehLatin439.00
               II. Après la prelude—2.Te aeternum PatremSAT+SSATB +RehLatin7110.00
               II. Après la prelude—3. Pleni sunt caeliSAT+SSATB+RehLatin8812.00
               III. Suite—Te per orbemATB+RehLatin7710.00
               IV. Guay—1.Tu de victoB+SATB+RehLatin6910.00
               IV. Guay—2. Te ergo quaesumusS+RehLatin429.00
               IV. Guay—3. Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuisSATB+SATB+RehLatin9812.00
               IV. Guay—4. Dignare DomineSB+RehLatin266.00
               IV. Guay—5.Fiat misericordiaSSB+RehLatin428.50
               IV. Guay—6. In te Domine speraviATB+SATB+RehLatin10813.00
               I. PreludeFull score5713.50
               II. Après la prelude—1.Te DeumFull score439.00
               II. Après la prelude—2.Te aeternum PatremFull score7110.00
               II. Après la prelude—3. Pleni sunt caeliFull score8812.00
               III. Suite—Te per orbemFull score7710.00
               IV. Guay—1.Tu de victoFull score6910.00
               IV. Guay—2. Te ergo quaesumusFull score429.00
               IV. Guay—3. Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuisFull score9812.00
               IV. Guay—4. Dignare DomineFull score266.00
               IV. Guay—5.Fiat misericordiaFull score428.50
               IV. Guay—6. In te Domine speraviFull score10813.00
               Instrumental parts 14 parts64348.00
       Te Deum (H146) (with organ)
               Organ part (all movements)Org/Pia64327.00
               I. PreludeOrg/Pia5713.50
               II. Après la prelude—1.Te DeumB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin439.00
               II. Après la prelude—2.Te aeternum PatremSAT+SSATB+Org/PiaLatin7110.00
               II. Après la prelude—3. Pleni sunt caeliSAT+SSATB+Org/PiaLatin8812.00
               III. Suite—Te per orbemATB+Org/PiaLatin7710.00
               IV. Guay—1.Tu de victoB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin6910.00
               IV. Guay—2. Te ergo quaesumusS+Org/PiaLatin429.00
               IV. Guay—3. Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuisSATB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin9812.00
               IV. Guay—4. Dignare DomineSB+Org/PiaLatin266.00
               IV. Guay—5.Fiat misericordiaSSB+Org/PiaLatin428.50
               IV. Guay—6. In te Domine speraviATB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin10813.00
CHERUBINI, Luigi (1760-1842)
       Requiem (C minor) (with orchestra)
               Instrumental Parts155.00
               I. Introit and KyrieFull score14112.00
               I. Introit and KyrieSATB+RehLatin14112.00
               II. GradualFull score285.50
               II. GradualSATB+RehLatin285.50
               III. Dies iraeFull score32417.00
               III. Dies iraeSATB+RehLatin32417.00
               IV. OffertoriumFull score34317.00
               IV. OffertoriumSATB+RehLatin34317.00
               V. SanctusFull score376.00
               V. SanctusSATB+RehLatin376.00
               VI. Pie JesuFull score788.50
               VI. Pie JesuSATB+RehLatin788.50
               VII. Agnus DeiFull score889.00
               VII. Agnus DeiSATB+RehLatin889.00
CHESNOKOV, Pavel (1877-1944)
       Cherubic Hymn (Op 9 No 7)SSAA+RehRu+EngTrt349.00
       Cherubic Hymn (Op 9 No 7)SSAARu+EngTrt349.00
       Cherubic Hymn (Op 33 No 6)SATB+RehRu+EngTrt419.50
       It is truly fitting (Op 33 No 7)SATB+RehRu+EngTrt46e9.50
       Panychida No 2
               1. The Great LitanySATB+RehRu+EngTrt306.50
               2. AllelujahSATB+RehRu+EngTrt449.00
               3. TropariaSTSATB+RehRu+EngTrt10010.00
               4. The Little LitanyTSATB+RehRu+EngTrt10010.00
       The Lord's Prayer (Op 9 No 13)SSAA+RehRu+EngTrt288.50
       The Lord's Prayer (Op 9 No 13)SSAARu+EngTrt288.50
       The Lord's Prayer (Op 9 No 13)SSAA+RehEnglish288.50
       The Lord's Prayer (Op 9 No 13)SSAAEnglish288.50
CIFRA, Antonio (1584-1619)
       Ave Rex nosterSSAB+RehLatin4710.00
       Ave Rex nosterSSABLatin4710.00
CIMAROSA, Domenico (1749-1801)
CLEMENS, (non Papa) (1510c-1555)
       Ave Maria (available on request)SSATBLatin
       Crux fidelis (available on request)SATBLatin
       La, la maistre Pierre (available on request)SATBFrench
       Musica Dei donumSATB+RehLatin9113.00
       Musica Dei donumSATBLatin9113.00
       Vidi Jerusalem (available on request)SATBLatin
       Vox in RamaSATB+RehLatin7213.00
       Vox in RamaSATBLatin7213.00
COBBOLD, William (1560-1639)
       With wreaths of rose and laurel SSATB+RehWEnglish7213.00
       With wreaths of rose and laurel SSATBEnglish7213.00
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, Samuel (1875-1912)
       From the green heart of the watersSSA+PiaEnglish8413.00
       Song of Hiawatha
       I. Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
               1. You shall hear how Pau-Puk-KeewisSATB+OrganEnglish23110.00
               2. Then the handsome Pau-Puk-Keewis SATB+OrganEnglish636.00
               3. He was dressed in shirt of doe-skin SATB+OrganEnglish806.50
               4. First he danced a solemn measure SATB+OrganEnglish1349.00
               5. Then said they to ChibiabosSATB+OrganEnglish928.50
               6. Onaway! Awake, beloved! T+OrganEnglish868.50
               7. Thus the gentle ChibiabosSATB+OrganEnglish646.00
               8. Very boastful was IagooSATB+OrganEnglish25010.00
               9. Such was Hiawatha's Wedding SATB+OrganEnglish475.50
COLONNA, Giovanni Paolo (1640c-1695)
       Tantum ergoSATB+RehLatin4610.00
       Tantum ergoSATBLatin4610.00
COMPERE, Loyset (1450c-1518)
       O bone Jesu (available on request)SATBLatin
       Verbum caro factum est (available on request)SATBLatin
CONSEIL, Jean (1498-1535)
       Adjuva me Domine (available on request)SATBLatin
COOKE, Benjamin (1734-1793)
CORFE, Joseph (1740-1820)
       My voice shalt thou hearUnison Treble+Org/PiaEnglish769.50
CORNELIUS, Peter (1824-1874)
       Absolve Domine (available on request)TTBBLatin
       Der FichtenbaumSATB+RehGerman379.50
       Der FichtenbaumSATBGerman379.50
       Der TraumSATB+RehGerman288.50
       Der TraumSATBGerman288.50
       Requiem aeternam TTBarB+RehLatin5512.00
       Requiem aeternam TTBarBLatin5512.00
       The dreamSATB+RehEnglish288.50
       The fir treeSATB+RehEnglish379.50
       The three KingsA+SSAATTBB+RehEnglish288.50
CORNYSHE, William (1468c-1523)
       Woefully array'dSATB+RehEnglish13516.00
       Woefully array'dSATBEnglish13516.00
CORTECCIA, Francesco (1502-1571)
       Se per onesti preghiSATB+RehItalian10313.50
       Se per onesti preghiSATBItalian10313.50
COSTA, Gasparo (1550c-1600)
       Dolcissimo mio beneSATB+RehItalian359.50
       Dolcissimo mio beneSATBItalian359.50
       Per contro a tanti noSAT+RehItalian268.50
       Per contro a tanti noSATItalian268.50
COSTANTINI, Alessandro (1581c-1657)
       Confitemini Domino (available on request)SSALatin
COSTELEY, Guillaume (1531-1606)
       Allon, gay Bergeres (available on request)SATBFrench
       La prise de Calais (available on request)ATTBFrench
       La terre les eaux va buvant (available on request)SATBFrench
       Mignonne, allons voir si la rose SATB+RehFrench6412.50
       Mignonne, allons voir si la rose SATBFrench6412.50
       Nous voyons que les hommes (Women's revenge)SATB+RehFrench11515.50
       Nous voyons que les hommes (Women's revenge)SATBFrench11515.50
       Nous voyons que les hommes (Women's revenge)SSAA+RehFrench11515.50
       Nous voyons que les hommes (Women's revenge)SSAAFrench11515.50
       Plus est servy et plus se plaintSATBarB+RehFrench329.00
       Plus est servy et plus se plaintSATBarBFrench329.00
COUPERIN, Francois (1668-1733)
       In notte placidaSATBFrench
COURTOIS, Jean (1500c-1550c)
       Si par souffrir SATB+RehFrench399.50
       Si par souffrirSATBFrench399.50
CRISTO, Pedro do (1575c-?)
       Es nasçidoSATB+RehSpanish9513.50
CRIVELLI, Giovanni Battista (1590c-1652)
       O Maria Mater gratiaeSATTB+BcLatin6112.50
CROCE, Giovanni (1557-1609)
       Cantate DominoSATB+RehLatin4210.00
       Cantate DominoSATBLatin4210.00
       Exaudi, DeusTTBB+RehLatin226.50
       Exaudi, DeusTTBBLatin226.50
       Exaudi, DeusATTB+RehLatin226.50
       Exaudi, DeusATTBLatin226.50
       Hard by a crystal fountain (TD)SSATTB+RehEnglish8213.00
       In monte Oliveti (available on request)SATBLatin
       In spiritu humilitatis (available on request)SATB+SATBLatin
       Lasciatemi mirar (available on request)TTBBItalian
       Laudans exsultet gaudio (available on request)SATB+SATBLatin
       Mentre la bella Dafne (available on request)TTBBItalian
       O sacrum conviviumSATB+RehLatin4910.00
       O sacrum conviviumSATBLatin4910.00
       Ove tra l'herbe e i fiori (TD)SSATTB+RehItalian8213.00
       O vos omnes (available on request)SATBLatin
       Regina coeli (available on request)SATB+SATBLatin
CROCKER, David (1943-)
       A colour carol*S+PiaEnglish6512.50
       Love came down at ChristmasS+PiaEnglish309.00
       Love came down at ChristmasSATB+RehEnglish309.00
       My whole worldTTBB+PiaEnglish248.50
       The butterflyUnison voicesEnglish409.50
       The crossSATB+RehEnglish278.50
CROFT, William (1678-1727)
       The mighty bowlTBEnglish6812.50
CROTCH, William (1775-1847)
       Ring out ye crystal spheresSATB+RehEnglish6112.50
       Ring out ye crystal spheresSATBEnglish6112.50
CUI, César (1835-1918)
       Two RosesSSAATBB+RehEnglish399.50

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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