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If your choir is non-professional, you are given a free license to copy as many as are required for practice and performance.

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DEBUSSY, Claude Achille (1862-1918)
       Trois Chansons de Charles D'Orléans
               Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarderSATBOld French299.00
               Quant j'ai ouy le tabourinC+ATTBOld French5112.00
               Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villainSATB+SATBOld French7213.00
DEERING, Richard (1580c-1630)
       Ave Virgo gloriosaSSATB+RehLatin5612.00
       Ave Virgo gloriosaSSATBLatin5612.00
       Cantate DominoSSATTBLatin8213.50
       City cries (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Country cries (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Dear love, be not unkindSATB+RehEnglish176.00
       Dear love, be not unkindSATBEnglish176.00
       O vos omnes (available on request)SSATTBLatin
       Panis AngelicusSSATTBLatin7913.00
       Quem vidistes pastores?SSATTB+RehLatin6613.50
       Quem vidistes pastores?SSATTBLatin6613.50
DELIUS, Frederick (1862-1934)
       To be sung of a summer night on the waterSATTBB+RehEnglish6313.50
       To be sung of a summer night on the waterSATTBBEnglish6313.50
DESAYVE, (See Sayve) (1549-1614)
DESPRÉS, (See Josquin) (1440c-1521)
DONATO, Baldassarre (1525c -1603)
       Chi la GagliardaSAATB+RehItalian 5612.00
       Hei mihi! Domine (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Away with these self-loving lads (available on request)SATBEnglish
DOWLAND, John (1562-1626)
       Awake, sweet loveSATB+RehEnglish8813.00
       Come again! Sweet love doth now inviteSATB+RehEnglish5712.00
       Come again! Sweet love doth now inviteSATBEnglish5712.00
       Fine knacks for ladies SATB+Lute or GuitarEnglish8113.00
       Fine knacks for ladies Lute Accomp.814.00
       Fine knacks for ladies Guitar Accomp.814.00
       Me, me, and none but me (available on request)
       My spirit longs for theeSATB+RehEnglish369.50
       My spirit longs for theeSATBEnglish369.50
       Now, O now, I needs must partSATB+RehEnglish329.00
       Weep you no moreSATB+RehEnglish5012.00
       Weep you no moreSATBEnglish5012.00
       What if I never speed? (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Wilt thou, unkind (available on request)SATBEnglish
DUFAY, Guillaume (1395c-1474)
       Adieu m'amour (available on request)ATTFrench
       Alma redemptoris mater (available on request)ATBLatin
       Ave Regina coelorum (available on request)STBLatin
       Magnificat SAA or SAInstr'tLatin16817.00
       Magnificat TBB or TBInstr'tLatin16817.00
       Mon chier ami (available on request)ATTFrench
DULOT, François (1520c-1570c)
       Maria Magdalene (available on request)Latin
DUNSTABLE, John (1400c-1453)
       Abide, I hope it would be the bestSATB+RehEnglish4410.00
       Abide, I hope it would be the bestSATBEnglish4410.00
       Eia Martyr StephaneATTB+RehLatin/English288.50
       Eia Martyr StephaneATTBLatin/English288.50
       O Rosa bella (available on request)ATBItalian
       Our king went forth to NormandySATB+RehEnglish399.50
       Our king went forth to NormandySATBEnglish399.50
       Pray for us, the Prince of PeaceATTB+RehEnglish258.50
       Pray for us, the Prince of PeaceATTBEnglish258.50
       Puisque m'amour (available on request)ATTBFrench
       Quam pulchra esATB+RehLatin5812.50
       Quam pulchra esATBLatin5812.50
       Quam pulchra esTBB+RehLatin5812.50
       Quam pulchra esTBBLatin5812.50
       Veni Sancte SpiritusSATB+RehLatin15016.50
       Veni Sancte SpiritusSATBLatin15016.50
DURANTE, Francesco (1684-1755)
       Magnificat (see Pergolesi)
       Osanna (available on request)SSALatin
DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904)
       Blessed Jesu (from Stabat Mater) SATB+OrgEnglish11115.00
       Mass in D
               1. Kyrie SATB+SATB+Organ/PianoLatin1188.50
               2. Gloria SATB+SATB+Organ/PianoLatin1929.50
               3. Credo SATB+SATB+Organ/PianoLatin44813.00
               4. Sanctus SATB+Organ/PianoLatin998.50
               5. BenedictusSATB+Organ/PianoLatin1138.50
               6. Agnus Dei SATB+Organ/PianoLatin686.50
               Organ only (whole work)Organ/Piano93813.00
       Psalm 149SATB+Org/PiaEnglish21619.50
       Psalm 149 SATB+Org/PiaGerman21619.50
       Stabat Mater (available on request)SATB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin
       Te DeumEnglish
               1. We praise TheeS+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish1219.00
               2. Thou art the King of gloryB+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish756.50
               3. Make them to be numberedSATB+Org/PiaEnglish1729.50
               4. Vouchsafe O LordSB+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish898.50
       Te Deum
               1. Te Deum laudamus S+SATB+Org/PiaLatin1219.00
               2. Tu Rex gloriae, ChristeB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin756.50
               3. Aeterna fac cum Sanctis tuisSATB+Org/PiaLatin1729.50
               4. Dignare Domine SB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin898.50
       Te Deum
               1. Te Deum laudamus Full Score1219.00
               2. Tu Rex gloriae, ChristeFull Score756.50
               3. Aeterna fac cum Sanctis tuisFull Score1729.50
               4. Dignare Domine Full Score898.50
               Instrumental parts27 parts45738.00
       The spectre's bride (available on request)English

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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