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RACHMANINOFF, Sergei Vassilievich (1873-1943)
       Ave Maria SATB+RehLatin288.50
       Cherubic HymnSSAATTBB+RehEnglish8313.00
       Cherubic HymnSSAATTBBEnglish8313.00
       Glory to God the Father (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Praise the Lord from the heavens (available on request)SATBEnglish
       The Lord's PrayerSATB+SATB+RehEnglish5412.50
       The Lord's PrayerSATB+SATBEnglish5412.50
       To Thee, do I lift up my soulS+SATBB+RehEnglish226.50
       To Thee, do I lift up my soulS+SATBBEnglish226.50
       To Thee, do I lift up my soulS+SATBB+RehRu+EngTrt226.50
       To Thee, do I lift up my soulS+SATBBRu+EngTrt226.50
               1. Come, let us worshipSSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt70e13.00
               2. Bless the Lord, O my soulA+SAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt478.50
               3. Blessed is the manSSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt90e13.00
               4. O gladsome LightSSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt386.50
               5. Lord, now let Thou Thy servantT+SSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt366.50
               6. Rejoice, O VirginSAATBCh Slavic+EngTrt32e9.00
               7. Glory to God in the highestSSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt216.00
               8. Praise the Name of the LordSSSAATTBBBCh Slavic+EngTrt438.50
               9. Blessed art Thou, O LordSSSAATTBBBCh Slavic+EngTrt8413.00
               10. Having seen the ResurrectionSSSAATTBBBCh Slavic+EngTrt346.50
               11. My soul magnifies the LordSSSAATTBBBCh Slavic+EngTrt6312.50
               12. Glory to God in the highestSSSAATTBBBCh Slavic+EngTrt10013.50
               13. Day of SalvationSSAATTBCh Slavic+EngTrt176.00
               14. Rising from the tombSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt319.00
               15. Victorious chiefSAATTBBCh Slavic+EngTrt379.50
RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
       Grands Motets
       I. Deus noster regugiam (available on request)
       II. Diligam te (available on request)
       III. In convertendo
               1. In convertendo Dominus SSATBB+RehLatin1909.50
               2. Magnificat (Facti sumus laetantes)SB+RehLatin1197.50
               3. Converte, DomineB+RehLatin736.50
               4. Laudate nomenS+SSATBB+RehLatin1478.00
               5. Qui seminant in lacrymisSAB+RehLatin506.00
               6. Euntes ibant et flebantSSATBB+RehLatin1006.50
               1. In convertendo Dominus Full score1909.50
               2. Magnificat (Facti sumus laetantes)Full score1197.50
               3. Converte, DomineFull score736.50
               4. Laudate nomenFull score1478.00
               5. Qui seminant in lacrymisFull score506.00
               6. Euntes ibant et flebantFull score1006.50
       IV. LaboraviSSATB+OrganLatin7410.50
       V. Quam dilecta (with Organ only)
               1. Quam dilectaS+OrganLatin12315.50
               2. Cor meum et caro meaSSATBB+OrganLatin14016.00
               3. Et enim passer invenitA+OrganLatin4410.00
               4. Altaria tuaSSB+OrganLatin5612.00
               5. Beati qui habitantT+SSATBB+OrganLatin11715.50
               6. Domine, Deus virtutumB+OrganLatin459.50
               7. Domine virtutumSSATBB+OrganLatin11215.50
       V. Quam dilecta (with Orchestra)
               1. Quam dilectaS+Orchestra1238.50
               2. Cor meum et caro meaSSATBB+Orchestra1409.00
               3. Et enim passer invenitA+Orchestra446.00
               4. Altaria tuaSSB+Orchestra566.50
               5. Beati qui habitantT+SSATBB+Orchestra1178.50
               6. Domine, Deus virtutumB+Orchestra456.00
               7. Domine virtutumSSATBB+Orchestra1128.50
               Instrumental parts7 parts63724.50
REDFORD, John (1500c-1547)
       Rejoice in the Lord alway SATB+RehEnglish7913.00
       Rejoice in the Lord alway SATBEnglish7913.00
REGER, Max (1873-1916)
       Ach, Herr, strafe mich nicht (available on request)SSAATTBBGerman
       Nachtleid (available on request)
       Psalm 100 (available on request)SATB+Org/OrchGerman
       Tantum ergoSATBB+RehLatin409.50
       Tantum ergoSATBBLatin409.50
REGNARD, Francois (1525c-1575)
       Gay little NymphSATB+RehEnglish5012.00
       Gay little NymphSATBEnglish5012.00
       Petite Nymphe folâtreSATB+RehFrench5012.00
REGNART, Jacob (1540c-1599)
       Stetit Jesus (available on request)SATBLatin
RIGATTI, Giovanni Antonio (1615-1649)
       Magnificat a 7Full Score11815.50
               Vocal scoreSSATTBB+BcLatin11815.50
               Instrumental parts6 parts11825.50
RIGBY, Cecil (1957-)
       Christian Hymn TextsText on CD -- 650 hymnsEnglish19.45
       A rose and the passing of a daySATB+RehEnglish419.50
       Gaudium mundoSAB+OrgLatin8813.00
       Joy to the worldSAB+OrgEnglish8813.00
       Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee
       Talk about a child1Solo+2 Parts+PiaEnglish10715.50
       The First NoelSATB+OrganEnglish11415.50
       Their wondrous murmurs1 Instr+SATB+PiaEnglish17317.00
       Three Civil War Songs
               1. Eighteen sixty-oneSpoken+Drum&TympEnglish9213.50
               2. Bivouac in the snowSSA+RehEnglish7013.00
               3. Little Giffen of TennesseeSATB+RehEnglish10313.50
RIMSKY-KORSAKOF, Nicholas (1844-1908)
       Hindu song (from Sadko)SSAATTBB+PiaEnglish6812.50
       The Song of Alexei
               Full ScoreAATTBB+OrchestraRu+EngTrt12219.50
               Instrumental parts23 parts12248.00
       Who is this King of Glory?SSAATTBB+RehRu+EngTrt176.00
ROBERTS, John Varley (1841-1920)
       Seek ye the Lord T+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish9813.50
RORE, Cipriano de (1516-1565)
       Amor, ben mi credevo (available on request)SATBItalian
       Amor, ich glaubete sonst wohl (available on request)SATBGerman
       Ancor che col partireSATB+RehItalian6712.50
       Ancor che col partireSATBItalian6712.50
       De le belle contrade (available on request)SATBBFrench
       En voz adieux (available on request)SATBFrench
       Ich trüg leicht das Verderben (available on request)SATTBGerman
       Jubilate Deo (available on request)SAATBLatin
       Mia benigna fortunaSATB+RehItalian8713.00
       Mia benigna fortunaSATBItalian8713.00
       Non è ch'il duol; ma mentor'io lassoSATB+RehItalian11215.50
       Non è ch'il duol; ma mentor'io lassoSATBItalian11215.50
       Non è lasso martire (available on request)SATTBItalian
       O sonno (available on request)SATBItalian
       Susane un jour d'amour solicitée SATB+RehFrench7513.00
       Susane un jour d'amour solicitéeSATBFrench7513.00
ROSSI, Salamone (1570c-1630)
       Psalm 137 (By the waters of Babylon)SABB+RehHebrew5612.00
       Psalm 137 (By the waters of Babylon)SABBHebrew5612.00
       Various other Cantiques for 3- 8 voices (availabe on request)Hebrew
ROSSINI, Gioachino (1792-1868)
       Petite messe solennelle
               1. KyrieSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin909.50
               2. GloriaSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin829.00
               3. GratiasATB+Har+PiaLatin1159.50
               4. Domine DeusT+Har+PiaLatin16412.00
               5. Qui tollisSA+Har+PiaLatin1129.50
               6. QuoniamB+PiaLatin20913.00
               7. Cum Sancto spirituSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin26813.50
               8. CredoSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin13510.00
               9. CrucifixusS+Har+PiaLatin516.00
               10. Et ResurrexitSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin38416.00
               11. Preludio religiosoHar+Pia1639.50
               12. SanctusSATB+SATB+Har+PiaLatin616.00
               13. O SalutarisS+Har+PiaLatin1749.50
               14. Agnus DeiA+SATB+Har+PiaLatin696.00
               O Salutaris HostiaSATB+RehLatin5612.00
               O Salutaris HostiaSATBLatin5612.00
       Stabat Mater (other movements available on request)SATB+SATB+OrgLatin
               9. ChorusSSTB+RehLatin7710.50
               9. ChorusSSTBLatin7710.50
       Toast pour le nouvel anSATBFrench11912.00
RUE, Pierre De la (1470?-1518c)
       Pourquoy nonSATBOld French6812.50
RUFFO, Vincenzo (1505c-1587)
       Adoramus teTTBB+RehLatin186.50
       Adoramus teTTBBLatin186.50
       Non rumor di tamburiSATB+RehItalian8813.00
       Non rumor di tamburiSATBItalian8813.00
RUIMONTE, Pedro (1565-1627)
       En las riberasSSATTBSpanish19019.00
RUSSELL, Henry (1812-1900)
       A life on the ocean wave (available on request)SATBEnglish

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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