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If your choir is non-professional, you are given a free license to copy as many as are required for practice and performance.

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AICHINGER, Gregor (1564-1628)
       Adoramus TeSATB+RehLatin258.50
       Adoramus TeSATBLatin258.50
       Factus est repenteSATB+RehLatin6812.50
       Factus est repenteSATBLatin6812.50
       Regina coeli (available on request)SATBLatin
ALABIEV, Alexander (1787-1851)
       Cherubic HymnSATB+RehRu+EngTrt5812.50
       Cherubic HymnSATBRu+EngTrt5812.50
ALBERT, Heinrich (1604-1651)
       Hasten hither, nymph and swain (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Jungen Volck (available on request)SSATBGerman
ALBINONI, Tomasso (1671-1750)
       Magnificat Full ScoreLatin26020.50
               Vocal scoreSATB+SATB+BcLatin26020.50
               Vocal scoreSATB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin26020.50
               Instrumental10 parts26027.00
ALISON, Richard (1575c-1625)
       There is a garden in her face (available on request)SSATBEnglish
ALLEGRI, Gregorio (1582-1652)
       Incipit lamentatio (available on request)SATBLatin
       Miserere (17pp)SSAB+SSATB+RehLatin16119.50
       Miserere (12pp)SSAB+SSATBLatin16119.50
AMNER, John (1579c-1641)
       Lift up your heads O ye gates SATB+RehEnglish5312.00
       Lift up your heads O ye gates SATBEnglish5312.00
ANERIO, Felice (1560c-1614)
       Al suon SAB+RehItalian349.00
       Al suonSABItalian349.00
       Angelus autem DominiSATB+RehLatin4410.00
       Angelus autem DominiSATBLatin4410.00
       Ave maris stellaSATB+RehLatin216.50
       Ave maris stellaSATBLatin216.50
       Christus factus estSATB+RehLatin389.50
       Christus factus estSATBLatin389.50
       Venite ad me omnesSATB+SATBLatin7216.00
       Te Deum laudamus (available on request)SATBLatin
ANERIO, Giovanni (1567-1630)
       Missa Pro defunctis
               1. IntroitusSATB+RehLatin426.00
               1. IntroitusSATBLatin426.00
               2. KyrieSATB+RehLatin315.50
               2. KyrieSATBLatin315.50
               3. SequentiaSATB+RehLatin1349.00
               3. SequentiaSATBLatin1349.00
               4. OffertoriumSATB+RehLatin1088.50
               4. OffertoriumSATBLatin1088.50
               5. Sanctus & 6. BenedictusSATB+RehLatin385.50
               5. Sanctus & 6. BenedictusSATBLatin385.50
               7. Agnus DeiSATB+RehLatin375.50
               7. Agnus DeiSATBLatin375.50
               8. CommunioSATB+RehLatin436.00
               8. CommunioSATBLatin436.00
               9. ResponsoriumSATB+RehLatin1238.50
               9. ResponsoriumSATBLatin1238.50
               10. KyrieSATB+RehLatin124.00
               10. KyrieSATBLatin124.00
ANON, YMOUS (1500-1600c)
       Corten espadas afiladasSATBSpanish6312.50
       DÝ, perra moraSATB+RehSpanish349.00
       DÝ, perra moraSATBSpanish349.00
       Jesus, fount of consolation (attributed to J S Bach)SATB+Org/PiaEnglish6012.50
       La pastorellaSSA+RehItalian288.50
       La pastorellaSSAItalian288.50
       La violettaSSA+RehItalian329.00
       La violettaSSAItalian329.00
ARAĐ╔S, Juan (1600c-1650)
       Un sarao de la chacona SATBSpanish8513.00
ARCADELT, Jacob (1514c-1568)
       Ave MariaSATB+RehLatin339.00
       Ave MariaSATBLatin339.00
       Haec diesSATB+RehLatin5112.00
       Haec diesSATBLatin5112.00
       Il bianco e dolce cignoSATB+RehItalian4610.00
       Il bianco e dolce cignoSATBItalian4610.00
       Io mi rivolgo indietroSATB+RehItalian5212.00
       Io mi rivolgo indietroSATBItalian5212.00
       Missa Noe noe: KyrieSATBLatin
       Missa Noe noe: GloriaSATBLatin
       Now Spring in all her glory (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O felice occhi miei (available on request)SATBItalian
       Quand'io penso al mrtir (available on request)SATBItalian
       Quanta beltÓ (available on request)SATBItalian
       Qui n'a senti qu'une flamme (available on request)SATB+RehFrench
       Qui n'a senti qu'une flamme (available on request)SATBFrench
       Tout au rebours de mon affaireSATB+RehFrench349.00
       Tout au rebours de mon affaireSATBFrench349.00
       Voi ve n'andat' al cieloATTB+RehItalian6412.50
       Voi ve n'andat' al cieloATTBItalian6412.50
ARCHANGELSKI, Alexander (1846-1924)
       Give ear to my prayerSATTBB+RehRu+EngTrt9113.50
       Give ear to my prayerSATTBBRu+EngTrt9113.50
       I cry aloudSSATTBB+RehRu+EngTrt3710.00
       I cry aloudSSAATTBRu+EngTrt3710.00
       I think upon the fearful daySSAATTB+RehRu+EngTrt8815.50
       I think upon the fearful daySSAATTBRu+EngTrt8815.50
       The Lord looks from heavenSATB+RehRu+EngTrt389.50
       The Lord looks from heavenSATBRu+EngTrt389.50
ARDITI, Luigi (1822-1903)
       The dream of home (available on request)SA+Pia/OrgEnglish
ARNE, Thomas (1710-1778)
       Rule Britannia SATBEnglish379.50
       Which is the properest way to drink? (available on request)SATBEnglish
ARNOLD, Samuel (1740-1802)
       Magnificat SATB+OrgEnglish5812.00
       Nunc DimittisSATB+OrgEnglish369.50
       Adoramus te (available on request)TTBBLatin
       Adorna talamum (available on request)TTBBLatin
       Christus factus est (available on request)TTBLatin
       Lapidaverunt Stephanum (available on request)TTBBLatin
       Omnes de Saba venient (available on request)TTBBLatin
       Stabat Mater (available on request)SATB+Organ/PianoLatin
ATTWOOD, Thomas (1740-1802)
       Come, Holy Ghost V+SATB+OrgEnglish10413.50
       Teach me, O Lord SATB+OrgEnglish4810.00
       Turn Thee again, O Lord SATB+RehEnglish6212.50
       Turn Thee again, O Lord SATBEnglish6212.50

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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