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GABRIEL, (Unknown) (1700c-1750)
       A sombra de mis cabellosSSSSpanish14613.00
GABRIELI, Andrea (1515-1586)
       Angel dal terzo ciel (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Angeli, Archangeli SATBLatin6712.50
       Angeli, Archangeli SATB+RehLatin6712.50
       Ave ReginaSATB+ATTBLatin5113.00
       Dapoi che su'l fiorire (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Due rose fresche e colte in paradisoSATTB+RehItalian12215.50
       Due rose fresche e colte in paradisoSATTBItalian12215.50
       Dunque il comun poter SATB+RehItalian5512.00
       Dunque il comun poter SATBItalian5512.00
       Felcici d'Adria (available on request)SSAATTBBItalian
       Il dolce sonno SSA(T)+RehItalian5812.00
       Il dolce sonno SSA(T)Italian5812.00
       I'vo piangendo SATTB+RehItalian10413.50
       I'vo piangendo SATTBItalian10413.50
       I'vo piangendo Instrumental parts10413.50
       Magnificat SSAA+SATB+CtTBBLatin12621.50
               Vocal parts for Instrumental doubling12 parts12621.50
       Maria stabat (available on request)SAATBBLatin
       Non vedi o sacr' Apollo (available on request)SSATBItalian
       O beltà rara o santiSATTB+RehItalian4610.00
       O beltà rara o santiSATTBItalian4610.00
       Occhi sereniSATB+RehItalian6712.50
       Occhi sereniSATBItalian6712.50
       O Sacrum conviviumSATBarBLatin6112.50
       Piangeranno (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Quand'io ero giovinetto (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Quando penso (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Sacerdos et PontifexSATB+RehLatin5812.50
       Sacerdos et PontifexSATBLatin5812.50
       Te Deum Patrem ingenitumSATB+RehLatin5612.00
       Te Deum Patrem ingenitumSATBLatin5612.00
       Tirsi morir voleaSSATTBBItalian8013.00
       Vorrei mostrar, madonnaSATB+RehItalian7813.00
       Vorrei mostrar, madonnaSATBItalian7813.00
GABRIELI, Giovanni (1557-1612)
       Beata es VirgoSSATBB+RehLatin6712.50
       Domine exaudi (available on request)SSATB+SATBBLatin
       Exultet jam Angelica SSAAT+ATBBB+SATBLatin17425.50
       Freuet euch, der Tagist daSATB+SATB+BcGerman12919.50
       Freuet euch, der Tagist daSATB+SATBGerman12919.50
       Hodie Christus natus estSATB+SATBLatin8913.00
       Hodie completi suntSATB+SATB+BcLatin12919.50
       Hodie completi suntSATB+SATBLatin12919.50
       In ecclesiis a 14 SATB+SATB+Instr'sLatin22333.00
               Instrumental parts14 parts22333.00
               Organ part onlyOrgan9.00
       In te Domine (available on request)SSAATTBBLatin
       Jubilate DeoSSAATTBBLatin16119.50
               Instrumental parts8 parts (+5 instruments)16126.50
       O Domine Jesu ChristeSAAT+ATTBLatin12015.50
       O Jesu, mi dulcissime (D minor)SATB+SATB+RehLatin16917.00
       O Jesu, mi dulcissime (D minor)SATB+SATBLatin16917.00
       O Jesu, mi dulcissime (A minor)SATB+SATB+RehLatin16917.00
       O Jesu, mi dulcissime (A minor)SATB+SATBLatin16917.00
       O magnum mysterium
               O magnum mysteriumSATB+A(T)TBBLatin7413.00
               O magnum mysterium (Instruments)4 parts (Chorus II AorT, T, B I, B II)7416.00
       O quam gloriosa
               O quam gloriosa (Full score)4x4-part +Reh+BassoLatin8019.50
               O quam gloriosa (Chorus I)SSAT+RehLatin806.00
               O quam gloriosa (Chorus II )SATB+RehLatin806.00
               O quam gloriosa (Chorus III)SATB+RehLatin806.00
               O quam gloriosa (Chorus IV)ATBB+RehLatin806.00
               O quam gloriosa (Basso per l'orgue)Basso+courtesy part806.00
       Plaudite (with organ)SSAT+SATB+TTBB+OrgLatin8223.50
       Sacrae Symphoniae I
               Magnificat- Instrumental partsChI-B,Ch-BII,ChIII-BI,BII,BIII12319.00
               Nunc dimittisSSAA+ATBB+ATBBBLatin7115.50
               Instrumental partsChI-T,ChII-B,ChIII-TII,BI.BII7115.50
       Surrexit Christus à 11ATB+InstrumentsLatin7819.50
               Surrexit Christus à 11 (instruments)8 parts7825.50
       Timor at tremorSATTBBLatin9213.50
GADE, Niels Vilhelm (1817-1890)
       Die Wasserose (available on request)SATBGerman
       The water-lilly (available on request)SATBEnglish
GALLUS, (See Händl) (1550-1591)
GASCOIGNE, Mathieu (1520c-1570c)
       Caro mea (available on request)SATBLatin
GASTOLDI, Giovanni Giacomo (1555c-1622)
       Amor vittorioso (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Il ballerinoSSB+RehItalian268.50
       Il ballerinoSSBItalian268.50
       Il bell' humore (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Il risentitoSSB+RehItalian4410.00
       Il risentitoSSBItalian4410.00
       In dir ist FreudeSSATBGerman409.50
       In Thee is gladness (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Itenco o miei sospiri (available on request)SSATBItalian
       L'acceso (available on request)SATBBItalian
       Vezzosette Ninfe (available on request)SSATBItalian
GESUALDO, Carlo (1560-1613)
       Amor, pace non chero (available on request)SAATBItalian
       Baci soavie cari (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Comesser può chi'io viva (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Deh coprite il bel seno (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Geloha Madonna (available on request)SATTBItalian
       Io parto e non più dissiSATTB+RehItalian4610.00
       Io parto e non più dissiSATTBItalian4610.00
       Io pur respiro (available on request)SSATTBItalian
       Io tacerò (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Languisco e moroSAATB+RehItalian4910.00
       Languisco e moroSAATBItalian4910.00
       Luci serene e chiareSAATB+RehItalian4210.00
       Luci serene e chiareSAATBItalian4210.00
       Madonna, io ben vorrei (available on request)SAATBItalian
       Mentre Madonna (available on request)SAATBItalian
       Moro lasso al mio duoloSAATB+RehItalian4410.00
       Moro lasso al mio duoloSAATBItalian4410.00
       Se da sì nobil mano (available on request)SAATBItalian
       Sì glioioso mi fano i dolor miei (available on request)SAATBItalian
       Tenebrae factae suntSSATBB+RehLatin8213.00
       Tenebrae factae suntSSATBBLatin8213.00
GIBBONS, Ellis (1573-1603)
       Long live Fair Oriana (TO)SSATBEnglish8213.00
       Round about her chariot (TO)SSATTB+RehEnglish7913.00
GIBBONS, Orlando (1583-1625)
       Ah! Dear heartSAATB+RehEnglish359.50
       Almighty and Everlasting God SATB+RehEnglish379.50
       Almighty and Everlasting God SATBEnglish379.50
       Benedictus (available on request)SATB+OrganEnglish
       Dainty fine birdSSATB+RehEnglish4310.00
       Drop, drop slow tearsSAATB+RehEnglish216.50
       Drop, drop slow tearsSAATBEnglish216.50
       Fair is the roseSATTB+RehEnglish8913.00
       Hosanna to the Son of DavidSSAATTB+RehEnglish4710.00
       Hosanna to the Son of DavidSSAATTBEnglish4710.00
       Lais now old (available on request)SATTBEnglish
       Now each flowery bank of MaySATTB+RehEnglish8713.00
       Now each flowery bank of MaySATTBEnglish8713.00
       O clap your handsSSAATTBB+optional OrgEnglish13319.50
       O clap your handsSSAATTBBEnglish13319.50
       O Lord, I lift my heart to TheeATTTB+RehEnglish216.50
       O Lord, in Thy wrathSSAATB+RehEnglish4710.00
       O Lord, increase my faith (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O that the learned poetsSSATB+RehEnglish7013.00
       O thou the central orbSSAATTB+Org/Inst'sEnglish9613.50
       Second Evening Service
               I. Magnificat (SES)SSAATTBB+OrgEnglish13316.00
               II. Nunc Dimittis (SES)SSAATB+OrgEnglish6612.50
       See, see, the Word is incarnate (Vocal)SAATB+Org/Inst'sEnglish13216.00
               Vocal parts for Instrumental doubling5 parts13212.50
       Short Service
               I - Magnificat (SS)SATB+SATB+Optional OrgEnglish6012.50
               I - Magnificat (SS)SATB+SATBEnglish6012.50
               II - Nunc Dimittis (SS)SATB+Optional OrgEnglish329.00
               II - Nunc Dimittis (SS)SATBEnglish329.00
       The Cries of London
               Part I (Cries of London)SATTB+InstrumentsEnglish15916.50
               Part II (Cries of London)SATTB+InstrumentsEnglish10513.50
       The "Fair Ladies" set
               1. Fair ladies that to loveSSATB+RehEnglish4210.00
               1. Fair ladies that to loveSSATBEnglish4210.00
               2. Mongst thousands goodSSATB+RehEnglish6812.50
               2. Mongst thousands goodSSATBEnglish6812.50
       The "Fortune" set
               1. I weigh not Fortune's frownSSATB+RehEnglish6312.50
               1. I weigh not Fortune's frownSSATBEnglish6312.50
               2. I tremble not at noise of warSSATB+RehEnglish6212.50
               2. I tremble not at noise of warSSATBEnglish6212.50
               3. I see ambition never pleasedSSATB+RehEnglish6012.50
               3. I see ambition never pleasedSSATBEnglish6012.50
               4. I feign not friendshipSSATB+RehEnglish7513.00
               4. I feign not friendshipSSATBEnglish7513.00
       The "Mourning" set
               1. Nay let me weepSATTB+RehEnglish9313.50
               1. Nay let me weepSATTBEnglish9313.50
               2. Ne'er let the sunSATTB+RehEnglish10013.50
               2. Ne'er let the sunSATTBEnglish10013.50
               3. Yet if that ageSATTB+RehEnglish8413.00
               3. Yet if that ageSATTBEnglish8413.00
       The silver swanSATBBEnglish219.00
       The silver swanSAATBEnglish219.00
       The "Thralled" set
               1. How art thou thralledSATTB+RehEnglish5512.00
               1. How art thou thralledSATTBEnglish5512.00
               2. Farewell all joysSATTB+RehEnglish6913.00
               2. Farewell all joysSATTBEnglish6913.00
       This is the record of JohnT+SAATB+Org/PiaEnglish7513.00
       This is the record of JohnA+SAATB+Org/PiaEnglish7513.00
       Trust not too much, fair youthSSATB+RehEnglish8513.00
       Trust not too much, fair youthSSATBEnglish8513.00
       What is our life?SSATB+RehEnglish11515.50
       Ye that do your master's willSATB+RehEnglish166.00
GIORGI, Giovanni (1700c-1762)
       Gloria et honoreSATB+RehLatin7613.00
       Gloria et honoreSATBLatin7613.00
GIOVANELLI, Ruggiero (1560-1625)
       Come potrò giamaiSSATB+RehItalian6312.50
       La terra, che dal fondoSATB+RehItalian8613.00
       La terra, che dal fondoSATBItalian8613.00
GLINKA, Michael (1804-1857)
       Noble Chief! (from Life for the Czar) (available on request)SATB+Org/PiaEnglish
GLUCK, Christoph (1714-1787)
       De profundisSATB+RehLatin5812.00
       De profundisSATBLatin5812.00
       From the realms(from Orpheus) SATB+Org/PiaItalian7613.00
       From the realms(from Orpheus) SATB+Org/PiaEnglish7613.00
GOMBERT, Nicolas (1500c-1560)
       Ave Maria (available on request)SSATTBLatin
       Hors enuieux retirez vousSATBFrench409.50
       Jouissance vous donneray (in preparation)SATTBB+RehFrench
       Jouissance vous donneray (in preparation)SATTBBFrench
       Salutaris angelicaSSATTB+RehLatin5513.00
       Salutaris angelicaSSATTBLatin5513.00
       Super flumina BabylonisSATB+RehLatin13816.00
       Super flumina BabylonisSATBLatin13816.00
GOSS, John (1800-1880)
       Almighty and merciful God (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Behold, I bring you good tidings (available on request)SATBEnglish
       God so loved the world (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O Saviour of the world (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O taste and see (available on request)SATBEnglish
       See amid the winter's snowST+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish165.50
       The wilderness (available on request)SB+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish
GOUDIMEL, Claude (1505c-1572)
       Bonjour mon coeur (available on request)SATBFrench
       Deba contre mes debateursSATB+RehFrench288.50
       Deba contre mes debateursSATBFrench288.50
       Gloria in excelsis SATB+RehLatin
       Gloria in excelsisSATBLatin
       Messe: Le bien que j'ai
               I. KyrieSATB+RehLatin315.50
               I. KyrieSATBLatin315.50
               II. GloriaSATB+RehLatin798.50
               II. GloriaSATBLatin798.50
               III. CredoSATB+RehLatin14910.00
               III. CredoSATBLatin14910.00
               IV. SanctusSATB+RehLatin606.50
               IV. SanctusSATBLatin606.50
               V. BenedictusSATB+RehLatin506.00
               V. BenedictusSATBLatin506.00
               VI. Agnus DeiSATB+RehLatin506.00
               VI. Agnus DeiSATBLatin506.00
       Que l'enterprise est belle (available on request)SATBFrench
       Sus, qu'un chacun de nous (version 1)SATB+RehFrench226.50
       Sus, qu'un chacun de nous (version 1)SATBFrench226.50
       Sus, qu'un chacun de nous (version 2)SATB+RehFrench226.50
       Sus, qu'un chacun de nous (version 2)SATBFrench226.50
       Soldiers' Chorus (Faust) (available on request)SATTB+Org/PiaEnglish
GOUNOD, Charles (1818-1893)
       Ave Maria (arranged from J. S. Bach)S+Organ/PianoLatin7813.00
       Ave Maria (arranged from J. S. Bach)Bar+Organ/PianoLatin7813.00
       Ave verum (available on request)SATBLatin
       Messe Solennelle (St Cecilia Mass)
               I. KyrieSTB+SSTB+PiaLatin11712.00
               II. GloriaSTB+SSTB+PiaLatin22116.00
               III. CredoSTB+SSTB+Harp +PiaLatin27916.50
               IV-1. OffertoryPia4 hands406.50
               IV-2. SanctusT+SSTB+PiaLatin10812.50
               V. BenedictusS+SSTTBB+PiaLatin366.50
               VI. Agnus DeiST+SSTB+PiaLatin7310.00
               VII. Domine Salvum (Les trois prieres)SSTB+PiaLatin519.00
       O Divine RedeemerSATB+Org/PiaEnglish9212.00
       O Divine Redeemer SSA+Org/PiaEnglish9212.00
       Send out Thy light SATTB+Org/PiaEnglish15016.50
       Unfold, ye portals everlasting (available on request)SATB+OrganEnglish
GRANDI, Alessandro (1575c-1630)
       Exaudi DeusSATBB+OrganLatin10213.50
GREAVES, Thomas (1575c-1625)
       Come away, sweet love (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Sweet nymphs that trip along (available on request)SSATBEnglish
GREENE, Maurice (1695-1755)
       Lord, let me know mine end SATB+OrgEnglish12816.00
       O praise the Lord (in B flat major)Voice+Organ/PianoEnglish4210.00
       O praise the Lord (in F major)Voice+Organ/PianoEnglish4210.00
       The Lord is my shepherd SS+Organ/PianoEnglish4310.00
       The sun shall be no more thy light (available on request) VEnglish
       Thou visitest the earthT+SATB+Org/PiaEnglish7113.00
GRETCHANINOV Alexander (1864-1956)
       Cherubic hymn (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Nunc dimittis SSAATTBB+RehEnglish329.00
       Nunc dimittis SSAATTBBEnglish329.00
GRIEG, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907)
       Ave maris stellaSSAATTBBLatin4410.00
       Faith (available on request)VVEnglish
       Springtime (available on request)VVEnglish
       The birch tree (available on request)VVEnglish
GUAMI, Giuseppe (1535c-1611)
       In die tribulationis SATTB+RehLatin8913.00
               In die tribulationis SATTBLatin8913.00
               Vocal parts for instrumental doubling5 parts8913.00
GUERRERO, Francisco (1528-1599)
       Ave Virgo sanctissimaSSATB+RehLatin7413.00
       Ave Virgo sanctissimaSSATBLatin7413.00
       Canite tuba in SionSATBLatin11715.50
       Elisabeth ZachariaeSATTBLatin6913.00
       En tanto que de rosa y açuçenaSSATBSpanish6812.50
       O Domine Jesu ChristeSATB+RehLatin6512.50
       O Domine Jesu ChristeSATBLatin6512.50
       O Sacrum conviviumSAATBBLatin7413.00
       Rorate caeli SATB+RehLatin5612.00
       Rorate caeli SATBLatin5612.00
       Salve ReginaSATB+RehLatin13616.00
       Salve ReginaSATBLatin13616.00
GUILMANT, Alexandre (1837-1911)
       Ecce PanisST+SATB+Org+PiaLatin12819.50

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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