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This page is similar to the "How to use the Handlo Site" page. Since THIS page is designed to be used in the middle of ordering certain comments and links have been removed. If your query is not answered by this page email the Handlo Help Desk.

List of Topics

1. First a suggestion
2. The 28 Pages
3. Viewing and printing the Sample Pages and Delivered Scores
4. Ordering your Scores
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5. Prices and Paying for your Scores
6. Important Instructions about Navigating the Pages
7. Hopefully your query is answered
8. If you have problems help is at hand This includes a note about non-delivery of orders

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1. First a suggestion

If you have not visited the "How to use the Handlo Site" page and printed it, now is the opportunity to print this "Help Page". You can then order items with the knowledge that you have useful information in front of you without having to resort to clicking links, switching windows, and getting stressed!
2. The 28 Pages

The Current List is split into 28 alphabetical sections, one for each letter of the alphabet with the B section subdivided into 3 separate pages:-

B1 Baa - Bach
B2 Baci - Bu


B3 By (ie Byrd) - to the end of the B section.

Works are listed by Composer. Some of the details mentioned on this page such as Explanations of Abbreviations are also available by scrolling to the bottom of any of the Current List Pages.

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3. Viewing and printing the Sample Pages and Delivered Scores

A Sample page is viewable for each score that is available for purchase. To see the sample page click on the link (the underlined name of the score) as in the picture below:

Sample Link

If your computer has the correct software components you should see a sample page. In the most common browsers these will open in a second window which can be closed once you have viewed or printed the page.

The Samples and Delivered Scores are in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The software that you need to view PDF files is Adobe Reader and it may already be installed on your Computer.

The PDFs you can download from this site and those that are sent to you when you order will open with Adobe Reader version 3.0 or higher.

If you think you have Adobe Reader installed and you want to see if you can view and print PDFs then click the "Test PDF" link below. Clicking that link will open a new window and if you have Adobe Reader and your Browser is set up to make use of that program you should see a test file.

Click to load a Test PDF

If that doesn't work or you want the latest version of Adobe Reader (it is free), you can get it from Adobe and instructions for downloading are availble by clicking on the link below:

Installing Adobe Reader.

If you cannot view Samples and you are sure that you have the correct version of Adobe Reader installed, it could be that your Web Browser is not set up correctly to use the Adobe Reader plug in or there is not enough memory to launch both the browser and Adobe Reader at the same time. In those situations it is probably better to get local help.

Customers occasionally report that they are having problems printing their scores. In these situations it is likely that the problem lies somewhere in the computer or printer setup. Again, local help may be needed. Sometimes we have suggested that the customer takes or sends a copy of the PDF file to another computer and tries printing again. The usual feedback on this suggestion is "It Worked". The PDF file system we use to deliver the music is a proven technology and What You See Is What Should Print.

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4. Ordering your Scores
The comments below refer to the pages you will visit as you select your purchases and provide delivery and payment details.


When you are ready to order and you check an item on a page, it is important that you click the "Add or return to Shopping Cart" button near the bottom of a page before moving to another alphabetical page. You will then be taken to:


This page shows what you have ordered and a link to continue shopping.You can remove items from the Cart if you have made a mistake. Once you have returned to one of the 28 pages from the Shopping Cart you can use the links at the top and bottom of a page to browse through any of the other 27 pages before you make your next selection. After each selection or group of selections on a page you must click the "Add or return to Shopping Cart" button.
Note comments below about using Links

On the Shipping Cart page is a Google Checkout button that will take you to the page where you can make your payment. Google Checkout requires you to have or set up an account. The account is free and can be used to pay for orders from any merchant displaying a Google Checkout button. You must provide Credit Card details but the card will be charged only for orders you place. Your card details will be held securely by Google Checkout and only the last four digits of the card number will be passed to Handlo.

If you change your mind before confirming your order you can still return to the Handlo catalogue pages or the Shopping Cart to revise your order.


This page shows our acceptance of your order.

Your purchases will normally be e-mailed to you within 0-24 hours

5. Prices and Paying for your Scores

The prices are shown on the Shopping Cart in US dollars and British Pounds but will be charged in British Pounds. Your credit card will be charged in your own currency at current rates of exchange.

Once your query is complete, close this window.

6. Important Instructions before Checking Out

In some cases you may find items in your shopping cart if you believe that you had previously abandoned an order. This can happen if  you resume browsing without closing your web browser. The Shopping Cart always shows what will be processed by Google Checkout, so please check it carefully before checking out.

7. Hopefully your query is answered

And you can now close this window and return to your ordering.

8. If you have problems help is at hand

If you require further help on any topic please send an Email to: Handlo Help Desk

Non-delivery of Orders

Occasionally cutomers do not receive their orders.

This can be for several reasons:

1. The email address supplied may be valid but for some reason mail to that address is not getting through. It may be that the size of attachments (our method of delivery) prevents this. We are often aware of a problem at the customer's end as email messages to the supplied address bounce back.

2. Other internet problems in general beyond out control.

If you do not receive an order within 24 hours of placing it, send an email to Handlo Help Desk stating that you have not received the order AND in the body of your email provide an alternative email address. This may be a secondary address you have or that of a colleague or friend.

For this to work it is assumed that you know that emails you send are being received by their designated recipients.

By carrying out these suggestions you increase the chances that communication problems can be overcome.

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