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WAELRANT, Hubert (1518c- 1595)
       Musiciens qui chantez à plaisir SATB+RehFrench8913.00
       Musiciens qui chantez à plaisirSATBFrench8913.00
WAGNER, Richard (1813-1883)
       The Spinning Chorus (available on request)SSAAEnglish
WALLACE, William (1812-1865)
       Angelus (available on request)SATB+PiaEnglish
       Gaudent in coelis(available on request)SATB+SATBLatin
WALMISLEY, Thomas Attwood (1814-1856)
       1.Magnificat SATB+OrgEnglish16016.50
       2. Nunc DimittisSATB+OrgEnglish7113.00
WALTER, Johann (1496-1570)
       Verbum caro (available on request)SATBLatin
WARD, John (1575c-?)
       A satyr once did run away (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Come, sable night (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       Die not, fond man (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       Flora, fair nymph (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Fly not so fastSSA+RehEnglish6612.50
       Fly not so fastSSAEnglish6612.50
       Free from love's bonds (available on request)SSA(T)BEnglish
       Go, wailing accentsSSA+RehEnglish5212.00
       Go, wailing accentsSSAEnglish5212.00
       Hope of my heartSSATBEnglish8613.00
       How long shall I with mournful music (available on request)SSA(T)BEnglish
       I have entreated (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       If the deep sighs (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       In health and ease am ISSA+RehEnglish4910.00
       In health and ease am ISSAEnglish4910.00
       Love is a dainty (available on request)SSATEnglish
       O Divine loveSSATTB+RehEnglish9913.50
       O Divine loveSSATTBEnglish9913.50
       Oft have I tendered (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       O my thoughts, surcease (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O say, dear lifeSSA+RehEnglish4810.00
       O say, dear lifeSSAEnglish4810.00
       Out from the vale (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       Phyllis the bright (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Retire, my troubled soulSSATBB+RehEnglish7913.00
       Retire, my troubled soulSSATBBEnglish7913.00
       Sweet Philomel (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Sweet Pity, wake (available on request)SSA(T)BEnglish
       The "Two Hearts" Set
               1. My true love hath my heartSSA+RehEnglish6812.50
               1. My true love hath my heartSSAEnglish6812.50
               2. His heart his wound receivedSSA+RehEnglish7813.00
               2. His heart his wound receivedSSAEnglish7813.00
       There's not a grove (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       Upon a bank with rosesSSATB+RehEnglish7913.00
       Upon a bank with rosesSSATBEnglish7913.00
       Weep forth your tears (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
WARLOCK, Peter (1894-1930)
       A Cornish Christmas Carol (available on request)SATBEnglish
       All the flowers of the Spring SATB+RehEnglish6312.50
       All the flowers of the SpringSATBEnglish6312.50
WARLOCK, (1894-1930)
       Bethlehem DownSATB+RehEnglish3212.50
       Bethlehem DownSATBEnglish3212.50
       Call for the Robin-Redbreast (available on request)SSAAEnglish
       Corpus Christi (available on request)ASATBEnglish
       The Full HeartSSAATTBB+RehEnglish5016.00
       The Full HeartSSAATTBBEnglish5016.00
       The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi (available on request)TTBBEnglish
WARREN, Stuart (1948-)
       A Christmas prayer *S+PiaEnglish8013.00
       A very special baby *S+PiaEnglish5312.00
       Firelight song*S+PiaEnglish13016.00
       With you I would go *S+PiaEnglish319.00
WEBER, Carl Maria (1786-1826)
       Victoria, Victoria (from Der Freischütz)SATB+PiaEnglish6512.50
       Victoria, Victoria (from Der Freischütz)SATB+PiaGerman6512.50
WECKERLIN, Jean-Baptiste (1821-1910)
       Mon coeur se recommende à vousSATB+RehFrench409.50
       Mon coeur se recommende à vousSATBFrench409.50
       O let me look on thee once moreSATB+RehEnglish409.50
       O let me look on thee once moreSATBEnglish409.50
WEELKES, Thomas (1575-1623)
       All at once well met (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Alleluia (Anthem)(available on request)SATBBEnglish
       Alleluia, I heard a voice (available on request)SATBBEnglish
       As Vesta was from Latmos hill SSATTB+RehEnglish11615.50
       As Vesta was from Latmos hill SSATTBEnglish11615.50
       Cease sorrows nowSATB+RehEnglish9813.50
       Cease sorrows nowSATBEnglish9813.50
       Cold Winter's iceSSATB+RehEnglish4310.00
       David's lament for Jonathan (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       Dona il vostro bel viso ((available on request)
       Gloria in excelsisSSAATB+optional OrgLatin+English7713.00
       Gloria in excelsisSSAATBLatin+English7713.00
       Hark all ye lovely saints SSATB+RehEnglish6913.00
       Hark all ye lovely saints SSATBEnglish6913.00
       Hence care, thou art too cruel (available on request)English
       Hosanna to the Son of DavidSSATBB+RehEnglish389.50
       Hosanna to the Son of DavidSSATBBEnglish389.50
       If thy deceitful looksSATB+RehEnglish4610.00
       If thy deceitful looksSATBEnglish4610.00
       In pride of May (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Lady, the birds right fairly (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Lady, your eyeSSATB+RehEnglish12215.50
       Lady, your words do spite me (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Let thy merciful ears, O Lord SATB+RehEnglish206.50
       Like two proud armies (available on request)SSATBBEnglish
       Lo! Country sports (available on request)SSATEnglish
       Now every tree (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O care, thou wilt despatch me (available on request)English
       On the plainsSSA+RehEnglish7313.00
       On the plainsSSAEnglish7313.00
       On the plains (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Say, dear, when will your frowning? (available on request)SSATBBEnglish
       See where the maids are singing (available on request)SSATTEnglish
       Sing we at pleasureSSATB+RehEnglish5212.00
       Sing we at pleasureSSATBEnglish5212.00
       Strike it up, tabor (available on request)STBEnglish
       Take here my heart (available on request)SSTTBEnglish
       The ape, the monkey and baboonSSA+RehEnglish5212.00
       The ape, the monkey and baboonTTB+RehEnglish5212.00
       The nightingaleSSA+RehEnglish6913.00
       The nightingaleSSAEnglish6913.00
       Three virgin nymphs (available on request)SSSBEnglish
       Thule, the period of cosmography (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       Welcome, sweet pleasureSSA+RehEnglish4310.00
       Welcome, sweet pleasureSSAEnglish4310.00
WEISSE, Michael (1488-1534)
       Christ is risen today (Christus ist erstanden)SATB+RehEnglish309.00
       Christ is risen today (Christus ist erstanden)SATBEnglish309.00
WERT, Giaches de (1535-1596)
       Cara la vita (available on request)SATBBItalian
       Chi salirà per meSATB+RehItalian8213.00
       Chi salirà per meSATBItalian8213.00
       Saule, SauleSSAATTBBLatin9416.00
       Vezzosi augelli (available on request)SSATBItalian
       Vox in RamaSAATB+RehLatin7413.00
       Vox in RamaSAATBLatin7413.00
WESLEY, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876)
       Ascribe unto the LordSATB+OrganEnglish34821.50
       Blessed be the God and FatherSS+SATB+OrganEnglish17817.00
       God be merciful unto us (available on request)SATB+OrganEnglish
       The WildernessSSATTB+SATB+OrganEnglish33121.50
       Wash me throughly S+SATB+RehEnglish10113.50
WESLEY, Samuel (1766-1837)
       In exitu IsraelSATB+SATB+Org/PiaLatin23919.50
       In exitu IsraelOrgan/Piano Accompaniment2399.00
       Exultate Deo (available on request)SSATB+Org/PiaLatin
       Sing aloud with gladness (available on request)SSATB+Org/PiaEnglish
WHITE, Robert (1534c-1574)
               Part ISATT(Bar)B+RehLatin20019.00
               Part ISATT(Bar)BLatin20019.00
               Part II SATT(Bar)B+RehLatin18419.00
               Part II SATT(Bar)BLatin18419.00
       Precamur sancte Domine (available on request)SSATBLatin
WHYTHORNE, Thomas (1528-c1590)
       I have ere this time (available on request)SATBEnglish
WIDMANN, Erasmus (1572-1634)
       O Musica SATB+RehGerman4810.00
       O MusicaSATBGerman4810.00
       The flea (see also Mussorgsky)SATB+RehGerman12015.50
       The flea (see also Mussorgsky)SATBGerman12015.50
WILBYE, John (1574-1638)
       Adieu, sweet AmarillisSATB+RehEnglish6212.50
       Adieu, sweet AmarillisSATBEnglish6212.50
       Ah cannot sighs, nor tears?SSAATB+RehEnglish10113.50
       Ah, cruel AmarillisSATB+RehEnglish6812.50
       Alas, what a wretched lifeSAATB+RehEnglish6612.50
       Alas! what hope of speeding (available on request)SATBEnglish
       All pleasure is of this condition (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       As fair as morn SAA+RehEnglish6012.50
       As fair as morn SAAEnglish6012.50
       As matchless beauty (available on request)SATBEnglish
       Change me. O heav'nsSATBEnglish
       Come shepherd swains (available on request)SAAEnglish
       Down in a valley (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Despiteful thus unto myselfSSAATBEnglish
       Draw on, sweet nightSSAATB+RehEnglish12916.00
       Draw on, sweet nightSSAATBEnglish12916.00
       Flora gave me fairest flowersSSATB+RehEnglish5212.00
       Flora gave me fairest flowersSSATBEnglish5212.00
       Flora gave me fairest flowers SSA+RehEnglish5212.00
       Flora gave me fairest flowersSSAEnglish528.50
       Flourish ye hillocks (available on request)SSTEnglish
       Fly not so swiftSATB+RehEnglish8913.00
       Fly not so swiftSATBEnglish8913.00
       Happy, O happy heSATB+RehEnglish7113.00
       Happy, O happy heSATBEnglish7113.00
       Happy streams! SSATEnglish
       Hard destinies are love (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       I live, and yet me thinks (available on request)SSTEnglish
       I love, alas, yet am not loved (available on request)SSABEnglish
       I sung sometimes my thoughts (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Lady, when I beheld the rosesSATB+RehEnglish7013.00
       Lady, when I beheld the rosesSATBEnglish7013.00
       Long have I made these hills (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       Love not me for comely grace (available on request)SATBEnglish
       O what shall I do? (available on request)SSTEnglish
       O wretched man (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       Oft have I vowed (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       Silly Sylvan (available on request)SSATBEnglish
       So light is love (available on request)SSAEnglish
       Softly, O softly, drop my eyes (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       Stay Corydon thou swain (available on request)SSATTBEnglish
       The 'Sweet' pair
               1. Sweet honey-sucking bees SSATB+RehEnglish16416.50
               1. Sweet honey-sucking bees SSATBEnglish16416.50
               2. Yet sweet take heedSSATB+RehEnglish9313.50
               2. Yet sweet take heedSSATBEnglish9313.50
       Sweet love, if thou wilt gain (available on request)SSAATBEnglish
       Thou art but young thou say'stSSAATBEnglish
       The Lady Oriana (TO)SSATTB+RehEnglish8013.00
       Thus saith my Cloris brightSATB+RehEnglish5512.00
       Weep, O mine eyesSSATBEnglish
       When Cloris heard of her AmyntasSSATEnglish
       When shall my wretched lifeSSATTBEnglish
       Where most my thoughtsSSAATBEnglish
       Why dost thou shoot?SSATTBEnglish
       Ye that do live in pleasures plentySSATBEnglish
       Yet sweet take heed (available on request)SSATBEnglish
WILDE, Tony (1959-)
       Amazing graceS+SATBEnglish11915.50
       Lute book lullabyS+SATB+RehEnglish339.00
WILLAERT, Adrian (1490-1562)
       Ach LiebsterSATB+RehGerman4510.00
       Ach LiebsterSATBGerman4510.00
       Aspro core e selvaggio (available on request)SATTBBItalian
       Baises moy tant SATB+RehFrench
       Da giftge Wunden noch am Herrzen sehrten (available on request)
       Dessus le marché d’ArrasSATB+RehFrench4910.00
       Dessus le marché d’ArrasSATBFrench4910.00
       Grat' e benigna donnaSATB+RehItalian11015.50
       Grat' e benigna donnaSATBItalian11015.50
       Joissance vous donnerai SATB+RehFrench5512.00
       Joissance vous donnerai SATBFrench5512.00
       Mentre che'l cor da gli amorosi SAATBItalian11715.50
       O bene mioSATB+RehItalian4510.00
       O bene mioSATBItalian4510.00
       O crux, splendidior cunctis astrisSATBBLatin17217.50
       O magnum mysteriumSATB+RehLatin7013.00
       O magnum mysteriumSATBLatin7013.00
       Un giorno mi pregòSATB+RehItalian8113.00
       Un giorno mi pregòSATBItalian8113.00
       Victimae paschali laudes SSATTB+RehLatin8013.00
       Victimae paschali laudes SSATTBLatin8013.00
WILSON, Brian (1944-)
       I saw a maidenSATB+SATBEnglish7813.00
WISE, Michael (1648-1687)
       Awake, put on thy strength, O ZionATB+SATB+OrganEnglish17719.50
WOLF, Ernest-Wilhelme (1735-1792)
       Laus et perennis gloriaSATB+SATBLatin5115.50
WOLF, Hugo (1860-1903)
       Pleasant journeySATBEnglish4610.00
       Sechs Geistliche Lieder
               1. AufblickSATB+RehGerman135.50
               1. AufblickSATBGerman135.50
               2. EinkehrSATB+RehGerman258.50
               2. EinkehrSATBGerman258.50
               3. ResignationSATB+RehGerman409.50
               3. ResignationSATBGerman409.50
               4. Letzte BitteSATB+RehGerman226.50
               4. Letzte BitteSATBGerman226.50
               5. ErgebungSATB+RehGerman6712.50
               5. ErgebungSATBGerman6712.50
               6. ErhebungSATB+RehGerman288.50
               6. ErhebungSATBGerman288.50
               Sechs Geistliche Lieder - TranslationEnglish0.00
WOOD, Charles (1866-1926)
       Expectans expectavi SATB+OrgLatin9213.50
       God omnipotent reignethSATBB+OrgEnglish8213.00
       Hail, gladdening light SATB+SATB+optional OrganEnglish8213.00
       Hail, gladdening light SATB+SATBEnglish8213.00
       Oculi omnium (available on request)SATBLatin
       O most mercifulSATB+OrganEnglish196.50
       O thou, the central orbSATB+OrganEnglish7213.00
       Summer endedSATB+OrgEnglish10113.50

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First column: Composer and date of birth and death where known
Second column: Solo or Choral voices or instruments required
Third column: Language of the text underlay (usually the original language)
Fourth column: The length of the work in bars (including repeat sections. Divide the number by 20 to give an approximate idea of performance time in minutes)
Fifth column: The price in terms of US dollars when ordered and downloaded from the Internet

A:Alto (choral ); A:Alto (soloist);B:Bass (choral); B:Bass (soloist); Bar:Baritone (soloist); BC:Basso Continuo; C:Contralto (soloist);Ct:Counter-tenor (choral ); Ct:Counter-tenor (soloist); e:(bars) equivalent; Eng:English; Fl:Flute;Fr:French; Ger:German; Inst's:Instruments; It:Italian; Lat:Latin; M(... + ...):Macaronic Text; Orch:Orchestra: Org:Organ; P(... + ...):Parallel Text; Pia:Piano accompaniment; Reh:Keyboard accompaniment for rehearsal purposes only; Ru:Russian:S:Soprano (choral); S:Soprano (soloist); SATB:Mixed Chorus; SATB+SATB:Double Chorus; SATB+SATB:Soloists + Chorus; Slash(/):and/or; Sp:Spanish;T:Tenor (choral); T:Tenor (soloist); TD:From Il Trionfo di Dori; TO:From Triumphs of Oriana;Tr:Treble (choral); Tr:Treble (soloist);Trt:Transliteration; Tru:Trumpet; V:Violin Va:Viola vv:Voices

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